Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Black InJustice America (Trailer)

Land of the free? Justice for all? Michael D’Antuono’s short film offers a different perspective, exposing the the deep-rooted racism permeating the criminal justice system in 21st century America. This aim of this film is to elicit enough empathy, outrage and shame to inspire us as a nation to live up to that pledge. The film includes frank interviews with Russell Simmons, Corey Booker, Van Jones, Michael Steele and other notable African Americans concerning their experiences growing up black in America. 

Black Injustice America is a powerful 26 minute film that would most likely do well at film festivals. But I believe the issue deserves the reach that a full length film or hour special would provide. I hope to find a network or established production company equally concerned about the issue, with the resources to help expand Black Injustice America into a longer format.

Like millions of white Americans, I naively accepted that racism was for the most part, basically a thing of the past. It wasn’t until the advent of the cell phone and the growing number of videos of police officers killing unarmed African Americans, that I slowly awakened from the comfort of my ignorance. As an artist, I attempted to inspire other white people to question the validity of equal justice for all with my provocative paintings on the issue. I took my art to the streets in support of those protesting injustice. We participated in and filmed the protests at the Freddie Gray trial in Baltimore and the one in Chicago concerning the politically delayed release of the LaQuan McDonald video. We also interviewed victims sharing their horrendous accounts of police brutality along with revealing admissions by former police and corrections officers, unveiling systemic injustices that black Americans suffer, and white ones can no longer ignore.

“I think it might surprise many white people to see that and to learn what black families have always known, that justice in America is anything, but equal.”

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