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Press For Sale

June 3rd, 2013

Since the recent AP scandal, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of the press to be able to keep our government in check. Sure, the talk has been coming from the press themselves who don’t like the fact that the Obama administration got a hold of the AP’s phone records even if it was presumably for national security reasons. They are crying foul, saying that inhibits the freedom of the press to be the public’s watchdog. (more…)

The NRA: Putting Their Profits Ahead Of Your Children

February 15th, 2013


The bottom line is that the NRA is in business to protect gun and ammo manufacturing profits, not your rights. They exist to block any and all laws that might decrease sales, no matter what the cost. Otherwise, they would support laws that keep our children safe without affecting the average gun owner, like background checks and banning assault weapons. As a matter of fact they successfully lobbied congress to let the ban on assault weapons expire, the very kind that were used in Newtown. They also lobbied congress to make sure that federal medical research agencies are forbidden by law to finance studies that aim to reduce the harm from guns and made sure that federal agencies are forbidden to fund studies about the relative dangers & advantages of gun ownership. (more…)

Glenn Beck – The Voice Of Reason?

December 6th, 2012

Conservative Icon Defends My First Amendment Right and Together We Give a Lesson On Civil Discourse.

Last week was to say the least – surreal. My painting “The Truth” has once again created a media circus, drawing fire from the Religious Right demanding I remove it from display at Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery where it’s currently part of the “Artists On The Stump – The Road To The White House 2012” exhibition. This kind of craziness is nothing new for me. The hysteria has happened before, when four years ago I announced I would debut the painting at New York City’s Union Square, Unfortunately, thousands of hate filled emails and threats of bussed in protestors convinced me to acquiesce to my family’s wish that I cancel the exhibit for my own safety. (more…)

Has Grover Norquist Put The GOP In An “Uncompromising” Position?

November 25th, 2012

We’ve all been warned about the looming fiscal cliff. During the campaign, the Republicans would often point to a clock counting off to the moment of our economic apocalypse. That may be a bombastic way to hype a self-inflicted financial disaster. But it is true that if the Republicans and Democrats can’t come to some sort of compromise by December 31, we will be in a economic pickle of no one’s liking. (more…)


November 17th, 2012

As seen on GlobalGrind

With Thanksgiving approaching, we all look forward to eating turkey as we celebrate the pilgrims’ first feast with the indigenous people of the land. As I dreamed of stuffing and cranberry sauce, it occurred to me that the pilgrims were actually this continents first group of immigrants. It may be somewhat hypocritical to admire the pilgrims yet (more…)


November 15th, 2012

An Open Letter To The Former Maverick

Dear John,

You have been a true American war hero, a maverick and a respected senator. That’s a lifetime of achievements any mothers’ son would be proud of. I always hoped you would someday run for President … until you did. You kinda lost me at Sarah Palin. But even then, the maverick briefly reappeared during a Presidential debate when you meritoriously corrected a woman who basically confused Obama with Osama.

Unfortunately, that was the last we ever saw of the old maverick. The reach across the aisle McCain was sadly, forever after replaced by crotchety partisan McCain. I always thought you learned your lesson after Bush defeated you in the 2000 primaries and were just acting like Rush Limbaugh’s unreasonable twin to get elected in 2008. Well John, that election and the one after that one are over. President Obama beat you fair and square. He beat Mitt fair and square. It’s been eight years. You have to let it go.

Like I said, I’ve always admired you, which is what makes me so sad seeing you devolve into such a petty partisan. Your recent attack on Ambassador Rice and calling for Watergate-type hearings regarding the Benghazi incident is over the top and beneath the man you once were. You’re starting to make Michelle Bachman look sane by comparison. It’s time to stop the grumpy old man act, pick up your remote and shut off FOX. It seems like your actually buying the snake oil their selling. I expect the uncivil arrogance of crazy conspiracy theories and party above country agendas from insipid right-wing mean girls like Palin and Bachman, but not from someone who once stood so tall above it all. Sadly, the maverick has been broken. It’s time for the man who once reached across the aisle to create campaign finance reform to stop tarnishing your credibility and reputation with these partisan attacks or quietly go off to pasture. If you won’t do it for the country, do it for your own legacy.


A former fan