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The Newtown Project: A Call To Arms

March 28th, 2013

Reopening at:
The First Congregational United Church of Christ,
945 G Street, NW Washington, DC
Exhibition Dates: April 5th -May 19, 2013
Re-Opening Reception: April 5th

A Tale of Two Mikes (Michael Moore & Michael D’Antuono)

March 25th, 2013

Michael MooreMichael Moore and Michael D’Antuono in NYC at the 10th anniversary screening of Michael’s Moore’s academy award winning film Bowling for Columbine. I was moved by the movie as I hope Mike was moved by my painting “Brought To You By The NRA.” A decade later, his film remains just as relevant. The Sandy Hook shootings proved that no progress has been made in the decade since. As a matter of fact, since Columbine, congress let the ban on assault weapons expire. Regardless, Mike has done much to bring attention to the lack of gun control. We thank him for that.


‘Brought to You By the NRA’: Artist Unveils Provocative Sandy Hook Painting

January 7th, 2013

‘Brought to You By the NRA’: Artist Unveils Provocative Sandy Hook Painting

The provocative painter Michael D’Antuono, like many artists, wants people to look at his work and think. But he doesn’t just want them to tilt their head sideways and ponder his use of light. He chooses controversial topics and scenes ultimately wants people to engage in discussion that could lead to change. And his latest painting is sure to cause some discussions — perhaps heated ones.The piece titled “Brought to You by the NRA” shows the wood floor of a classroom. Among scattered crayons lies a chalkboard eraser, a children’s career book, a carton of milk, a hand-drawn family portrait and playing blocks. Only those blocks spell out “NRA” and have gun sketches on their surfaces and bullet shells and blood splashes mar the scene.

Brought to You By the NRA

According to his website, the painting depicts the Newtown, Conn., murder and the NRA’s response. Twenty children and six staff members were killed by one gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 2012. (more…)

Glenn Beck & Michael D’Antuono – The Politics Of Art‬

January 5th, 2013

Here’s a short clip from Michael’s appearance on Glenn Beck’s show. You can see the entire interview on the press page

Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art Gallery

December 28th, 2012

Michael will debut his provocative new painting “Brought To You By The NRA” as part of the anti-gun art exhibition “The Newtown Project: A Call To Arms” opening just a few blocks from the White House on January 2013, the eve of the Presidential Inauguration.

Opening Reception: Jan. 20, 2013 1pm-7pm
Closing: Feb. 18, 2013 (President’s Day)
Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art Gallery is located at
1300 13th Street NW, corner of N, Suite 105, Washington DC 20005.

Book release party for Paola Mendoza

November 28th, 2012

I was lucky enough to be invited to the book release party for Paola Mendoza’s book about a mother and daughter’s journey from Columbia to their life in America, “The Ones Who Don’t Stay.” Great party, great people and I’m sure a great book that will influence attitudes towards immigrants.

Pete Seeger and Michael D'Antuono @activism