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National Review – You Can’t Handle ‘The Truth’

April 27th, 2009


You Can’t Handle ‘The Truth’

By Mark Hemingway

April 27, 2009

[This is a localized version of the article originally published at NationalReview.com]

Late last night, Kathryn drew attention to this Obama painting entitled “The Truth,” by Michael D’Antuono, set to be revealed at an installation in New York’s Union Square Wednesday — Obama’s 100th day in office:

the truth

I just got off the phone with D’Antuono, and he had some surprising news: he’s decided that he’s not going to unveil the painting after all. (Though he didn’t rule out a possible gallery showing later.) While being provocative is often the goal for a lot of artists, I asked D’Antuono if the strong reaction and news coverage of the painting was what he was hoping for, he quickly said “No, not really.” Here’s how he explained his decision not to show the painting: (more…)