Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Diversity Campaign

Taking It To The Streets: Promoting Diversity In NY, DC And Maryland
protesters holding Michael D'Antuono's Diversity posters.

We launched my “Diversity Makes America Great ” campaign featuring my painting, “What Makes America Great” painting on Presidents’ Day. I was in NY passing out a few hundred posters to protesters at the “Not My President Day” rally, while our 17 foot mobile billboard circled around the White house, Capitol Building, Trump International Hotel and other hot spots around DC.  Howard Dean and Michael D'Antuono holding the artists Diversity posterThe next day we traveled to our nation’s capitol with our banner to see our mobile billboard in action. I met with former Presidential candidate, Howard Dean (pictured above taking a selfie with me holding one of my posters).

I gladly honored his request for me to autograph it for him. We took pictures of people holding the banner at the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and all of the DC hot spots. Our favorite encounter was at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, where we ran into a bunch of civic minded high school students.

From there, I took my posters and spoke at the Diversity protest at Westminster High School, where students protested the removal of the “We The People” posters.

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