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EVENT (according to Buck Sexton of The Blaze)

Zuccotti Park Occupiers marched to Washington Square around 2:00PM. It was a leftist protest version of a tailgate party, with all the various factions joining together before the big Times Square event. It felt like they were preparing for radicalism’s Super Bowl.

Socialists/Communists/Anarchist:The storm troopers of the Occupy movement, the statists and anti-statists have linked arm-in-arm (literally) to bring down the system as we know it. Whenever I talk to these guys, they are quick to rail against capitalism. More than any other group, they openly call for the collapse of the financial system, the end of America as we know it, and the implementation of a Marxist mobocracy.


I’ll admit that I’ve felt increasingly despondent and hopeless over the last several years as I realized that my children were going to be the first generation in my family that were going to have it tougher than the generation before it. And it was even more disheartening to know that it is all because of the unrelenting greed of the few, the powerful and the corrupt. Our country and economy have been gaining momentum in a downward spiral due to the mutation of our democracy into a corpocracy and there was nothing we could do about it … until now.

I was there at the big march from Zuccotti Park to Chase bank to Washington Square passing out free posters and taking pictures (as Wall Street Wally) with supporters of the movement. I was in the thick of it when we took Times Square. My recollections of the Oct 15th event are a little different than Bucky boy’s. By the end of the day my hoofs were killing me but I was in hog heaven because I felt like we, the people (sound familiar?) successfully spoke up for ourselves. The other 1% and those they pay to represent their interests (like Mr. Sexton) will try to discredit the OWS movement in an effort to keep the status quo. After Saturday, I’m feeling like they won’t be able to do it. Their propaganda media machines aren’t going to be loud enough to drown out the voice of the people, not 99% of us anyway. They can try to divide us with wedge issues and such, but we aren’t going to fall for their old tricks anymore. We’ve had a taste of victory on Saturday in the fight to get a fair and equal opportunity to earn a slice of the American pie and that’s only wet our appetite and made us more resolute. One recurring chant/invitation from the protesters to the crowds watching was “ Don’t watch us, join us.” I suggest you take us up on it, you’ll feel better doing something about it.

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