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GOP Investigating Trump Is Like Fredo Investigating The Godfather

GOP hesitant to investigate Trump/Putin ties

The Only Credible Investigation Is One With An Independent Prosecutor

If you didn’t think so before, you must be at least leaning that way after House Intelligence Chairman and Trump surrogate, Devin Nunes’ clandestine visit to the White House concerning documents he hadn’t shared with the rest of the investigating committee. See, an independent prosecutor, most probably would have  shared the information with the investigating committee, not the party he’s investigating. The key word in that sentence was party. Nunes, like Chaffetz and most of the Republicans are sadly putting party (or at least their own careers) before country by looking the other way when it comes to Trumps’ possible crimes and felonies. These are the same “Lock her up” chanting hypocrites who threatened to start impeachment proceedings on day one if Hillary were elected.

This is not just the everyday partisanship Washington is known for. This is partisanship on steroids. This is about the integrity of our very democracy and the sovereignty of our nation. If it comes out that Trump was colluding with Russia to win the Presidency, that would be treason. I’m an artist, not a lawyer, but it seems to me that any person involved in a cover-up, or not meeting their responsibility to investigate such a crime should also be guilty of something. Perhaps they are concerned that uncovering too much can expose the 2016 election as illegitimate. Trust me, we would all be better off with “Crooked” Hillary as President rather than someone under the thumb of our most powerful adversary. But I fear America’s best interests come in a very distant second to what they perceive to be their own.

This is way too important to be apathetic about. As an artist, I’m doing all I can with my painting, “The Elephant In The Room.” to put pressure on Republicans to appoint an truly independent prosecutor. I hope you will share it with your friends, relatives and people you don’t like in the service of demanding an independent prosector. Use on your social media. I’m taking it to NYC and passing out postcards calling for an independent prosecutor for people to send to their representatives. I will put up a downloadable version of the postcard on my website. It’s free, so print and send it to your congressman. If you don’t see it only site or Facebook page, email me and I’ll send it to you.

I might be wrong, President Trump might be innocent. But we will never know for sure without a partisan free investigation. So let’s demand one!

– Michael D’Antuono

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