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Brought To You By The NRA

Gun control painting depicting blood splattered floor of classroom with children's blocks reading NRA

Brought To You By The NRA

40″ x 30″ | oil on canvas

This painting is in response to the Newton massacre and the NRA’s response to the tragedy. Instead of taking some responsibility and supporting tougher gun laws, they call for putting more guns in schools. This painting is meant to serve as an iconic reminder of the very real consequences of allowing the NRA to continue dictating gun control policy to our elected leaders. We will never know how many innocent lives might have been saved if the NRA hadn’t successfully lobbied, congress to allow the Automatic Weapons Ban to expire. If you were to read the death certificates of the victims of Newtown, I’m sure cause of death would read gun shot wounds. While technically accurate, the real cause of death is greed. The greed of the gun manufacturers, the greed of the NRA and the greed of the politicians who accept their money.

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