Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

It Stops With Cops P

It Stops With Cops

44″ x 88″ | oil on canvas

Ferguson, South Carolina, Baltimore, New York and all over the country, unarmed people of color have been killed by the very people who are sworn to protect. They say not all cops are bad. I hope this piece encourages the good ones to have the courage to serve based on right and wrong, not black and blue.

Selected Press: http://newsone.com/3286159/it-stops-with-cops-michael-dantuono-takes-on-police-brutality/ http://www.vibe.com/2015/10/artist-michael-dantuono-it-stops-with-cops/  http://national.suntimes.com/national-world-news/7/72/2603019/michael-dantuono-interview-bhm/  https://www.reddit.com/r/PropagandaPosters/comments/4sawzg/it_stops_with_cops_oil_on_canvas_by_michael/  http://rebrn.com/re/it-stops-with-cops-oil-on-canvas-by-michael-dantuono-october-2684951/

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  • Stacy Gray

    This is really scary, cops are human but it seems like we’ve been taught that because they wear the uniform they’re supposed to above what’s going on.

  • CorpocracyBuster

    This painting reached over 650,000 people on my facebook page with roughly 1,500 likes, 11,000 shares and too many comments to count. I will paste some of the comments here. To read them all you can go to my facebook page.

    Nydia S: But you aren’t a good cop of you let the bad cops kill citizens…technically you’re an accessory to a crime.

    RestNpeace: They are not going to go against that oath.

    Tammy P: Tremendous talent and insight. Great job.

    Dennis D:i And I know All Police are Not Bad but the Blue Code of Silence is.

    Brandon T: But wouldn’t the blue code of silence make all cops bad then? Kind of a contradicting statement isn’t it?

    Jannie T: Just like the “No snitching’ rule in the black community. Not saying that ours is ok, but the racists parts of society wanted to through shade, when they CLEARLY do it too. Truth needs to be exposed on BOTH sides. Cops need to get REAL. REAL FAST

    Trife B: Jannie There is no “both sides” Police are professional that take a oath. Do you hold police to higher standards than criminals? If yes than stop comparing them as if Police and criminals are BOTH are the same.

    Jannie M: Trife Bboy ppl who follow the “No snitching rule” don’t have to be criminals to abide by it. I said (Black community.) And of course they do. ‘re-read my post again before commenting please(: I was agreeing with Brandon

    Iziah H: Ur saying the entire black community follows this rule?

    Jannie M: Iziah Horne lol of course not the ENTIRE black community. It’s mostly promoted in the hood. Shoot I speak up where need be. You can’t lump ppl into one category because there are too many variables. I’m saying, that just like in the black community youalways hear the No snitching rule promoted, especially threw rap music…Now VERY recently I’ve been hearing (through the media) Cops and other forms of authority telling black ppl that we needed to stop with the “No snitching” thing…blah blah blah. Help the cops blah blah blah. NOW my comment was to Brandon Thompson that cops have some nerve to try and tell us that we shouldn’t be standing together and we need to do what’s right and NOT keep secrets. I was basically saying that how can cops try and throw shade, when it’s very clear that cops and authority figures are keeping the most secrets? (Blue code of silence) as Brandon called it.

    Iziah H: U n me both know that the no snitching rule is a myth. Black people are the biggest snitches walking. Now white supremacist hardly ever snitch on one another. Especially racist cops

    Vikke Von B: Fairfax Co VA has a rotten systemic blue code of silence. Unarmed citizens getting killed (John Geer) & the Chief & whole system protecting guilty cops from prosecution. Now we find out that the cops who tased to death Natasha McKenna, a troubled woman w/ multiple mental illnesses, while handcuffed, w/ a hood over her head & naked on the floor, will NOT be prosecuted. WTF?? This has got to change.

    Pete S: How about making it accurate? Freddie wasn’t beaten and 3 of the 6 cops were black. Just shows YOUR racism

    Johnny H: Why are you making this a black/white issue….this is a cop’s abusing authority issue

    Pete S: Exactly my point. The picture is inflammatory. If you really want to address abuse then we need to acknowledge that’s it’s an abuse of power issue by the offending officer. Some get into it because they want to have power over other people.

    Michael B: The race of the individual cops is irrelevant you imbecile. No one said anything about race here except for you. It’s about racist police culture. The racism comes from the system itself. It has nothing to do with skin color of individual cops.

    Chad K: However the picture has racial overtones, and is inflammatory

    Melinda C:l right Chad if its not about race then why arent these cops white or hispanic in the picture?

    Pete S: Michael you are an idiot. You contradict yourself. It’s not about the race of the cops but the racist police culture? It’s about abuse of power. Bad cops will abuse whoever they can, no matter race or sex.

    Knave M: White bootlickers gettin’ their feeling hurt~ wahhhh~

    Bon B: Well Pete S… to put my 2 cents into the debate. The guy, in the painting, with the hat on can be a light skin black man or Hispanic, & even if he wasn’t, the statement is powerful because it shows a cop (black, white or hispanic) stopping another cop from being brutal. Where is the racism in this painting again?

    Steven L: As a white guy, I don’t understand why other white guys are so afraid to acknowledge that black people are being affected more by illegal police violence and arrest. What do you lose by admitting that there’s been an unbalanced number of cases where an undeserving black person is attacked and then many police defend the bad actions of the police officer?

    Yes, they also get overly violent with white and Hispanic people. Yes they also tend to sexual harass women. But their violence against black people is the driving force behind a movement that’s working to hold the police force accountable for corruption. I’m sure many cops would welcome changes that will make them more trusted and safer in their jobs. Notice, I didn’t mention the race of the cops.

  • CorpocracyBuster

    More comments from facebook:

    Vikke B: Thank you for addressing this issue with your incredible art.

    Tinnis M: That code of silence is plaguing America

    Luis Z: Why don’t you protest black on black crime?

    Trill X: why arent you protesting white on white crime?

    Luis Z: Cause I’m not white.

    Destiny F: Same reason the “leaders” in child molestations and mass shootings aren’t protesting what’s going on in their community. There actually are protests for crime in the black communities. Worry about your community. Cops killing and criminals murdering shouldn’t be held at the same standard.

    Kelvin H: Citizens regardless of their race are going to commit crime. But the government itself has a responsibility to be held to a higher standard. And that is at the heart of this conversation is the higher standard that police officers must live too. They are taking advantage of their position in causing pain and suffering on a massive scale across the country and it must be stopped. And you trying to preserve the status quo only speaks to type of person that you are. If you are a true American you would expect our police to perform their job to the utmost professional standards. The ratio of arrest and shootings and convictions in this country should be close to the actual ratio of each individual group of citizens citizens. African Americans are 12 to 13% of the total population of this country. That’s the total interaction between them and the various law enforcement agencies should not go any higher then 15% that same statistic should hold true for all groups of people in this country. If it goes higher then that is evidence of unequal and targeted law enforcement

    Jojuan C: When young minded people like Luis G. Zintzun comment about something he doesn’t know about just let them be ignorant

    Jerry W: You’re right they’re 12 to 13% population but they commit over 50% of violent crimes. And Freddy Grey was not a choir boy. Put the blame where it belongs and quot shoveling it over their shoulder

    James W: Jerry W, it’s people like you that make all white people look like illiterate dumb racist rednecks, who are the same as their wicked an evil, Murderous, Rapist, Kidnapping, Sodomizing, granddaddy and grand mammy

    Fucking Devils

    James Z

    Why aren’t we protesting Black on Black crime?

    You lil lame ass goofy!…

    Luis Z: I’m ignorant I’ve lived in town full of crime. But why is it that when a black person kills another black person the response is by retaliation towards that black person but if the police officer kills him you try to get justice. You guys say it’s about everything being held to the same standard so then why instead of looking for retaliation when a black person kills another black person why not take it to court why not turn that person in & make them pay for their crime with jail time.

    Kelvin H: Luis that’s because you’re basing this on your own personal racial bias when the reality is that these groups are following a gangster mentality. Which has nothing to do with whether they are black or white. In the thirties and forties when the Italian mafia was fighting it out they did the exact same thing. The Irish mafia in the Russian Mafia is also behave the exact same way. And it’s not because they hate people of their own type it’s because they are part of a gang and that is how you survive. And most black people are murdered they allow the police to handle the situation.

    Paul O: Why are you protesting Hispanic/Latino-on-Hispanic/Latino crime, Luis? You need to stop falling for idiotic, debunked narratives.

    JayeDee C: I’m suspect of people that ALWAYS play the black-on-black crime card. It’s irrelevant to the issue with police brutality, they’re mutually exclusive and this go-to statement is of the same “logic” as the all lives matter crowd. It’s deflecting the issue at hand.

    Anai H: Same reason why you don’t protest white on white crime

    Eden N: Would you ever compare how bad a step mother treat you to how bad a siblings treats you? If your sibling hurt you you will hurt them back if you chose to or not, but if a step mother is neglecting and abusing you, you have no choice but to cry n seek for help, so don’t judge “black-on-black” crime to a “police/white-on-black” crime, because it a two different case.

    Dennis D: Destiny I agree that they should be held accountable for this. I was told by a police officer that I should hold myself to a higher standard(council). The fact that the higher standard for police is ” I was frightened for my life” in most cases of police shootings. It is ok to be a little scared but to use a defense against an unarmed person means they should not be carrying a gun.

    Nick G: So if a police tells a subject to stop that dose not have a gun and the subjects does not stop and takes the officers gun then what the cop died trying not to kill the guy so it’s cool the logic people use is crazy to justify there actions how about you comply and have your day in court

    Danita H: The reason we don’t retaliate against cops like we do reg people is because cops get away w murder. Trust n believe if we had it our way we would handle them the way they need to be handled instead of seeking some bullshit probation u guys call justice. I think death is much more appropriate punishment for a cop than the paid vacation they receive.

    Knave M: Black on black crime is still the fault of white supremacy.

    Gary H: “Good Cops” is an Urban Myth in the USA. If “Good Cops” existed, there would be no bad cops.

    Travis W: Far from the truth good cops can’t be everywhere to stop the selected few bad cops. If your theory was correct there should be no bad people in general because there are good people.

    Gary H: Travis, Unlike the rest of us, cops are paid to enforce the laws and when they do that job badly their fellow cops know it. If those fellow cops do nothing, then they become accomplices to the crimes their buddies are committing. Bad cops are known.

    Gary H: As they are trained, over the last few decades, what we affectionately call “cops” in the USA have devolved into a religious-like cult. A cult of psychopathic authoritarian conformists who are actually trained to shout stentorian orders and trained to then escalate – instantly, violently, and off the charts with deadly force – if the sound of their voice is not obeyed. When you give such cult members a badge and a gun, you have given them a license to kill, and you unleash whatever evil is lurking in the darkness of their souls.

  • CorpocracyBuster

    The Conversation Continues…

    Gary H: As they are trained, when more than one cop is at a scene, all cops will without hesitation “come to the aid” of an attacking cop – with no regard for the facts or reality. This piling on is part of their training and is a calculated ploy that makes all cops at a scene partners – accessories to the criminal attack so they won’t break rank.
    As they are trained, after using deadly force cops are given time to talk to their Police Protective Union legal advisors and coordinate their stories before they file a report. This is done to prevent even the appearance of contradictory statements.
    Without iPhones, body cameras and dash cams, the evils of this secretive occupational force would still be unknown to We The People. We Americans need to rethink what this business called “policing” is all about – because the way it’s working right now is not working for The People.
    The first thing we must do is disarm this cult and demilitarize our police departments. Citizen’s deference to police authority should come from mutual respect for the law, not the fact that they have guns and always shoot first. The police are not supposed to be waging war on The People.
    The stats indicate a culture of systemic racism also exists in our law enforcement and judicial systems, and that cannot be tolerated in the Age of Equality if we are to remain a democracy.
    Almost all of our current law enforcement, incarceration, and judicial dollars are spent to maintain American’s obsession with Prohibition. Prohibition of things and acts. In spite of a founding Declaration that we have an unalienable Right to “…the Pursuit of Happiness” we have made a common garden weed and all recreational drugs illegal.

    Patrick S: Gary, You sir are Out there……..I can almost hear “Rod Serling” talking about you……

    Gary H: Patrick — You attack the messenger instead of the problem; protecting the status quo. Why?

    Joe M: Gary your to wise for them..all they will do is come at you with name calling and ignorance man,but no real rebuttals..Kudos my friend

    Danita H: There will be no freddie gray trial next month. His family settled outside of court $6.4 million

    William B: That was the civil trial. The police still have a criminal trial.

    Robert T: … I used to think these types of incidents were blown out of proportion; now I realize after doing the research, that they’re way more ‘common’ than that. Profusion of cellphone cams & social media gets the word around. Keep up the good work.

    Jeffrey S: What’s the significance of the shadows hand not grasping the baton?

    Willow P: The guy behind him has taken it away from him.

    Tinnis M: It’s the mental image black people have when we see police. Kinda like beating someone for so long that the mental image stays for generations

    Terrance G: let me know too. I would like to have this in my home.

    Chip L: Very nice work Michael, as a graphic artist I like your style and certainly your presentation……much success.

    Monique J: Ditto! What one in my home! Thank you Michael for doing this.

    Mike B: I would like to have one mounted for use in protest marches in Ferguson and St. Louis.

    Belinda R: Cops don’t attack i innocent people! Quit doing WRONG & you won’t have these issues!! Duh! Pretty simple, don’t break the law & your fine. America is getting to soft. Right is right-wrong is WRONG!

    Notez E: Now explain that to James Blake

    Willow Polson LOL you’ve never been black, have you.

    Chip L: As she sits in her ivory tower and comments without an understanding is quite common and to be expected…..having her refreshment toasting her GOOD life.

    Ernest J: Easy for you say since never been wrong fully pulled over for nothing other than you fit the description

    Belinda R: Apologies to those who were offended. Meant this as to “anyone” who does wrong. Mis-interrupted , sorry.

    Cassandra T: Yeah, ever since abolishing slavery America has gotten real soft.

    Merlena C: Racism starts at home .woman if u are black it does not matter if u r doing wrong you will be dead in the hands of the wrong cop. STOP with the crap see it accept if you take the cops on a high speed chase u will not be shot and killed we will stop,stop,stop stand up for what is right u see u just don’t want too accept the truth bc you are trained to think in fear and that is racism.

    Dennis D: Ask any young woman that has been and then make that statement. But make sure you ask before you judge others because they were bad.

    William B: Actually, yes I have been pulled over, numerous times, because “I fit the description.” Once even with the officer’s pistol drawn. Mostly, it was because I was a long haired kid, out late at night. I was always polite and respectful, and after a quick check, because I had a clean record, I was allowed to go. It’s not that complex.

    • Proud Conservative

      You disgusting piece of sh*t. You are alleging criminal action for which there is NO evidence. “According to FBI data… 40 percent of cop killers
      are black…a police officer is 18.5 times
      more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black

      • ball bust

        Listen up Hubristic Retrograde! Youre post documents five of your serious problems.
        1. You are of course wrong that “there is NO evidence”. Heres a link to a peer reviewed study indisputably documenting the police disproportionately shoot unarmed black folks(and documenting that this is not accounted for by higher overall crime rates or higher crime rates for any particular crime among black folks as racists like you are fond of lying):
        And here is a link to Corrells shooting study documenting the racist impulse to disproportionately accidentally shoot unarmed black folks:

        2, You are some combination of too dumb to understand and too dishonest to stay focused on the topic. You see the topic is this documented disproportionate shooting of unarmed black folks by police. The topic is not your unsubstantiated claim that blacks disproportionately kill police. The break down of cop-killers by race of course tells us nothing about the topic.

        3. You dont understand how to quote a document; there is no citation so we cant check the credibility of this claim, in fact there is no close quote so we dont even know where the unsourced quote ends and where you resume commenting

        4. The fact that you documented the facts that you cant stay on topic or put another way that you think unsubstantiated off-topic remarks somehow refute the documented reality of the topic, and that you documented the fact that you dont understand how to quote a document, and that you documented the fact that you are wrong that “there is NO evidence”, all of this is evidence that you are breathtakingly unsophisticated and I would argue far too unsophisticated to meaningfully deal with statistics

        5. Your post is 100% evidence-free, you cite no evidence, only make unsubstantiated claims which of course in no way refutes the documented reality of police disproportionately shooting unarmed black follks.

  • CorpocracyBuster

    More Comments From Facebook Post

    JayeDee C: “Cops don’t attack innocent people…” WRONG! Don’t try to clean it up now by “apologizing”. Watch the news in the last decade? Cops have been fucking with innocent people since there have been cops AND innocent people. Where the hell did you grow up, in a Fox “news” sponsored rose colored bubble? Pahll Lee Robbins Another idiot quoting that “Don’t break the law” bullshit.

    William B: You know, I can only speak from my actual experience, but yes, at least a dozen times I was pulled over, or approached by police while parked. Usually at night, but often during the day, too.
    I’ve been stopped on country roads, out of state (we were in a ‘bad’ part of Shreveport and I suspect they thought we were trying to buy drugs), and in the city. Once opening the door to a business my family owned. And those are the stops to just check. No probable cause other than who I am and where I was.
    If that doesn’t fit your narrative, I’m sorry. But I never talked back or got indignant and I never had a problem other than the mild annoyance of being stopped. If you think belligerence and having a record are useful tools when being stopped….. Well, let me know how that works out…..

    Johnny W: Rick, I wish half the people in my area were treated with the respect u have received from law enforcement. ….but sad to say around here it’s either their way or the jail cell

    Joe M: What America do you live in?..and how can I get there?

    Knave M: Seems all you have to do to be considered a criminal these days is be attacked by a cop.

    Victor S: Actually the NYPD at one point would stop and frisk without any real cause other than the person “looking” suspicious, leaving that up to that officers individual perception, so actually they do….

    James B: Absolutely Brilliant!!!

    Melinda C: the picture is sick and who would want it in there home unless your racist

    Victor S: Like yourself…… If you can’t see the message kick rocks and you don’t have to like the picture, keep it moving

    Chip L: Good poster artwork….illustration is right on with a good technique!

    Dennis D:i Art for Arts Sake! Sometimes a message is in the works. Sometimes it is just about sex.

    Lucinda M: It’s called a gang, if a person knowingly breaks the law or knows of a person who breaks the law and does not divulge that information its a crime but snitching is a sin in any gang.

    Floyd W:. Not all cops are bad until they turn their heads and allow bad cops to break the law. Let’s also remember that the police kill more Whites than Blacks. Therefore we all have a stake in demanding that the FBI investigate and remove all bad cops from our police departments. The streets of America should not be treated as streets in a war zone.

    Ken D: Their are no Good cops, because the bad cops knows who the evil cops are that’s doing it.

    Arlexis A: The ignorance is astounding but not surprising

    Bob L: Good idea. At the same time it would be great to see some of this art depicting the mothers we saw on TV dragging their children out of the mobs of criminals. There’s been some other people making statements on TV basically with the same message. I’m not sure if there’s a way to paint somebody making a statement and get the message across but a creative artist could probably figure it out

    Trill X: this is so awesome.

    Wayne P: The same can be said for religion’s practioners for extremists in their midst.

    Matt R: Why isn’t the hand in the shadow holding the baton?

    Ron C: The Shadow has a Faster Reaction Time… Just like that All the Time.

    Doug D: Police police police, police police. Is grammatically correct sentence

    Francisco R: Good cop in there looks a little like Sylvester Stalone lmfao

    Emmanuel O: Good work

    Willow P: Wow. Wow wow wow. Amazing.

    PJ J: Unfortunately they are.

    Julie C: Good work, good motive!

    Frank B: For the few that are out there, it seems.

    Albert W: You do know that most of the cops in the trial are minorities? Why does your art not address fact and truth?

    Pahll R: Of course, there are no good cops.

    Author W: So true!

    Austin S: Not all people are criminals and not all cops are innocent

    Joe T: Thank you for making this.

    Roger P: L O L !!! Where is your black on black crime image … dumbass

    James W: Kill you’re self fat bastard! You would be better off ass food for the worms! You ignorant racist redneck poor white trash ass Devil!!!

    Tasha G: That’s what I’m talking about!!!

    Katrina B: Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Kimberly C: Yes Lord…..please fix it. I have suffered long enough and just want what is fair. I know it is only you who can make all wise…..the struggle is really real!!!

    Jeffrey G: Freeman Bad cop…any officer that abuses their power of authority… Good cop…a bad cop that hasn’t been exposed yet…

    William K: Good defenseless citizens don’t bum rush a cop that’s holding a gun on them.

    James G: How about cops don’t beat defenseless citizens until they start committing crimes and think they’re entitled and don’t have to obey the law. Punks think they’re better than the law and then they paint crap like this. While I do agree there are some bad cops, it ain’t on as big a scale as folks make it. Theres just a bunch of douchebags running around pissing cops off.

    Midian N: In the United States, I’ve not found a cop yet that isn’t a condescending two faced pedagogue. In the U.S. I’ve not once seen a cop stop his squad-car to get out and help someone lift a household appliance up a few flights of stairs. Demilitarization is a step in the right direction (depending upon the crime statistics of a location). Use of force is something that needs to be addressed on a level that all cops can understand, “If you use force – expect to lose your job.” It’s just that simple.

    Margaret P: Love the picture. It says a lot.

    Lawrence M: Or can at least ONE Black cop grow some BALLS… DAMN SHAME.

    Jeff K: So, this is a message for cops, right? We want cops look at this, identify with the good cop, and choose to take a stand. I think that “kill” (though very true) is going to trigger knee-jerk defensiveness. Change “kill defenseless citizens” to “abuse their power” – and let the powerful image convey the extent of the abuse.

    Joe B: Will there be prints for sale of this?

    Johnny R: Okay. Now let’s see one about people who advance the decay of families and communities by selling illegal narcotics on the streets of Baltimore. That’s killed more people than the police.

    Hanna H: And until good cops stop bad cops, all cops therefore are bad cops – either corrupt criminals or spineless cowards – all complicit in letting it get worse. Therefore when I hear a story about a cop getting assassinated while he’s sitting his lard ass in the parking lot wolfing down donuts, I shed nary a tear because chances are 100% it’s a person they abused, wrongfully arrested, harassed, or worse…and they got what they had coming.

    Steven B: Most “good cops” believe in the no snitching rule more than thugs and gangstas. Wrong is wrong right? So why don’t they stop it?.

    Leno P: Will you be making shirts!?

    Ronneil M: Message of the f*cking century!!!

    Nancy M: Like in any company, or institution, the group usually stick together, or police their own. If they don’t, there are customers, or others, that WILL take advantage of the littlest crack, and widen it to benefit themselves.

    Annie B: Amen

    John F: III It almost never happens

    • Tacticalterry

      I am white and was stopped 7 times in a month and a half by the same cop. I guess it’s cause I’m white?
      Did u get arrested? Where u doing anything wrong? Well if u didn’t let him do his job. Lots of people do bad stuff in parking lots at night that they shouldn’t.
      The real problem is people, not just black people, claim to be stopped for no reason. But the truth is there normally was a good reason and cops just need suspicion to make a stop and don’t need anything to walk up to ur car in a parking lot.
      Since when did being black go from being proud to some self made disability? Give it a rest. When cops are bad they hammer them but u can’t scream he was innocent just because he was black. Alton fought cops and had a gun. He had pulled it once according to why Cops were there. Fight cops have a gun, they think ur reaching for it you get shot and die. No big loss no matter what color u are

  • CorpocracyBuster

    More From The Hundreds Of Comments From Facebook:

    James B: Hey good people !!! Even the bad ones lol what’s up. I’m really enjoying creating this Art of mines, I would love for you to enjoy it too. It only takes a second and it’s worth it. I need all the love and exposure I can get. If you know any music connections that can benefit me please let me know. I am the hardest working most talented Artist that no one knows. I’m working hard to change that. Thanx for all the love and support so far!!! Feel free to leave a comment under my YouTube video as well. It really means a lot to me!!! Peace !

    Ilana P: My thoughts exactly. Whenever I post a question like this, people don’t get it. Someone once said its because of the fraternity type atmosphere and potential job loss. I then said “so remaining apart of this “fraternity” and keeping your job is more important than justice for innocent lives loss and cleaning up law enforcement?” And I got no answer back. I knew a point had been made. Sad

    Arnold B: Besides, the fraternity will go after the good cop’s family, wife, children, school. The Police Chief will keep quiet, pretend he did not know. It’s happened before. Many cops lost their lives and their family’s lives. MANY good cops…

    Nick G: That might be true in some places but where I work if a cop reports another cop the cop that did the dirty stuff is gone real quick

  • Tacticalterry

    Michael Brown, like most were criminals attacking, fighting cops.
    There death would be justified if they were white but their race makes them an “innocent victim”
    Black lies matter and anyone that thinks cops are targeting a race are themselves racist biast garbage.
    The media has twisted everything to make it look like cops are bad.
    Example, tea on Martin and Zimmerman. He wasn’t white or a cop. But the media called him white-hispanic. They also played up the part where he wanted and wasn’t allowed to be a cop.
    Give it a rest. Stop fighting police, stop protecting those that fight police and when a cop does wrong in killing anyone black or other wise help the police and Feds do what is right and prosecute them.

    • ball bust

      You omitted a word, you meant “Michael Brown, like most (niggers) were criminals attacking, fighting cops”. And your post is 100% evidence-free, meaning there is no evidence for your awful claims that the “nigger” criminals are responsible for the police shooting them when they are unarmed. Except in the minds of racists like you, your transparent apologetics for disproportionate police violence against black folks only highlights the seriousness of the problem and the desperation to excuse it of the most racially retrograde Americans. Shame on you for trying to smear the black victims of unwarranted police shootings

    • ball bust

      As for the evidence, most police dont want to be held accountable for their unwarranted shootings of unarmed black folks and so their departments simply decline to report the statistics to the FBI and so we have woefully incomplete statistics. But what we do have from those departments who dont shirk their personal responsibility documents the shocking disproportionate use of deadly force against unarmed black folks as contrasted with unarmed white folks.
      More disturbingly we have the Correll shooting study documenting that subjects(including security guards and police officers) invariably more often mistakenly shoot unarmed blacks and a number of other upsetting revelations.

    • ball bust

      Heres a link to a peer reviewed study indisputably documenting the police disproportionately shoot unarmed black folks(and this is not accounted for by higher overall crime rates or higher crime rates for any particular crime among black folks as racists like you are fond of lying):

      And heres the Correll shooting study documenting the racist impulse to more often accidentally shoot unarmed black folks: http://faculty.chicagobooth.edu/bernd.wittenbrink/research/pdf/cpjw07.pdf

      Naturally youll want to ignore this and the remaining mountain of evidence and continue talking about the “nigger” criminals who had it coming


    All I know as long as cops continue to not hold their own accountable more cops are going to die. And I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. They harass people over stupid crap like weed. They kill unarmed people far to often. There should never ever be an unarmed person be killed by a cop period. If you cant handle a dangerous job without killing then you need to get the hell out of police work.