Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Occupying Main Street (wealth disparity)

wealth disparity

Occupying Main Street

(wealth disparity)

48″ x 36″ | oil on canvas

Enjoying the wealth disparity he helped create, he basks in the comfort of his luxurious office. He needs no crowd, no chant, no sign for he rules Wall Street, Main Street and all the other streets in the land. Far above the maddening throngs of angry Occupy Wall Street protesters revolting against the morally bankrupt super rich, sits our captain of finance ensconced in luxury. Untouched by the discontented masses and untouchable by the governments he and his cohorts control, this heartless monument to selfishness is driven by his bottomless pit of greed. Lacking the restraints of conscience, and government intervention, he lives happily void of contrition for the lives ruined by his machinations.

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