Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response
Planned Prisonhood

Planned Prisonhood

40″ x 30″ | oil on canvas

Outlawed at the beginning of the 20th Century, private corporations are now earning unprecedented profits from their ability to once again own prisons. As these corrections conglomerates have grown, so has their influence on drug and other laws that help guarantee a record number of citizens being incarcerated.

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  • CorpocracyBuster


    Cornell Brooks ‏@CornellWBrooks
    Arresting image, painful pun intended.

    Mary Fab:
    Michael, I absolutely love your work. I’m thrilled to have found your page and I have invited lots of friends and relatives this evening to “Like” your page and enjoy your work. Amazing Michael…simply amazing…

    Buddy McKinley
    Just want to tell you Thank you, for the good fight of the Injustice that you stand up for.

    WhiteWizard ‏@WhiteWizaard
    Niggers animals rape and kill everything in sight, there is no injustice, this is in their DNA

    Sydnei Smithjordan:
    Thank you for your courage. That’s what art is about….COMMUNICATION!!! Thank You!!! Please keep it up!