Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Portraits of Redistribution

Portraits of Redistribution


Candy From Babies

40″ x 30″ | oil on canvas [enlarge] Candy From Babies, the first in the ‘Portraits in the Redistribution’ trilogy, depicts a child front of torn headlines that narrate how the next generation are being burdened with our debt and having the opportunities for a good education striped from them.

Too Big To Jail

Too Big To Jail

40″ x 30″ | oil on canvas [enlarge] In great contrast to the other two paintings in this series of sacrifice, Too Big To Jail speaks of how well the redistribution of wealth has benefitted the Wall Street fat cats who have been richly rewarded for their bad behavior.

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Social Insecurity

40″ x 30″ | oil on canvas [enlarge] The last piece in the trilogy, Social Insecurity, represents how the redistribution of wealth has put the sacrifice upon the elderly who are being treated as if they are not deserving of the entitlements they have paid into all of their hard working lives.

Selected Press: http://www.furfur.me/furfur/heros/heroes-furfur/170633-maykl-d-antuono-sotsialnyy-pop-art-v-rabotah-amerikanskogo-hudozhnika

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