Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Profit & Loss

(military industrial complex)
69” x 69” oil on canvas

After 911, we waged the “War On Terror” by attacking a country that had no responsibility for the attack. A dozen years, thousands of lives and trillions of dollars later we are about to escalate our military involvement in the Middle East to thwart a group of terrorists we basically created. This painting questions why we stay mired down in a self perpetuating war. To protect our country or to protect certain corporation’s profits? The frame of this painting is comprised of the dog tags of over two hundred American soldiers who died in Iraq before reaching the legal drinking age.

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  • Mike

    Hi, in your description of the painting, you state that we waged war on Afghanistan, “a country that had no responsibility for the attack”, and “thwart a group of terrorists we basically created”. My question though is what backs up these statements? I don’t mean to sound rude or argumentative, I just want to understand your position behind the description; I don’t know much about the politics behind the War on Terror, I feel like you make think I live under a rock.

    • TernalEmrys

      The country he referred to was probably Iraq, not Afghanistan. Look up “Operation Cyclone”, that’s probably what he meant by “we basically created”.