Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

HUFFPOST – Painting Of Donald Trump Chilling With Other GOP Presidents Gets Scathing Reworking

Michael D’Antuono depicted Trump as a cards-cheat in his biting reimagining of Andy Thomas’ “The Republican Club.”

By Lee Moran  (Original Article)

Remember that painting of President Donald Trump that viewers spotted hanging in the White House during his bizarre “60 Minutes” interview in October? Artist Andy Thomas’ piece, titled “The Republican Club,” depicted Trump shooting the breeze with other GOP presidents. Here it is:

Well, New York artist Michael D’Antuono, 62, has reimagined the work in accordance with how he believes the scene would really play out. And he doesn’t believe Trump will be hanging his painting, titled “Party Pooper,” in the official residence anytime soon.

D’Antuono’s version shows Trump facing the wrath of the other presidents for cheating at cards. Protesters stand outside the window, and the Trump baby blimp also makes a subtle appearance. (more…)

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Washington Post – The Art of Change

Pic of Washington Post review of D.C. art exhibit Defining Change in the Age of Trump.

The Art of Change

After Charles Krause opened his gallery in 2011, he mounted shows of ideological and dissident art from earlier eras, much of it related to his former career as a reporter for The Washington Post and other outlets. But current events overtook the venue, recently transformed into the nonprofit Center for Contemporary Political Art. Its first exhibition, “Defining the Art of Change in the Age of Trump,” is heavy on breaking news.

Not all the more than 100 artworks directly address the current administration, but the show is not recommended for anyone suffering from Trump fatigue. And skillfully made as they are, such visual polemics probably won’t age well.

Satirical realist painter Michael D’Antuono depicts the presidents of the United States and Russia together on a rearing red, white and blue elephant, flanked by a palace guard of prominent Republicans. George Kennedy parodies Norman Rockwell’s four-freedoms illustration, interjecting Trump and his circle. Patricia Isaza uses real straw for the president’s hair in a fierce sculptural rendering. Kevin Champeny’s Trump portrait is made of hundreds of tiny plastic hands with upturned middle fingers.

Defining the Art of Change in the Age of Trump Through Nov. 14 at the Center for Contemporary Political Art, 916 G St. NW.

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Country Before Party Campaign

One of Michael D'Antuono's Country First Trucks circling the Capitol BuildingFor one week in May, I had three mobile billboards circle the Capitol Building with my art and message to the GOP to put country before party. See the video here. The response was so positive I have created a GoFundMe campaign to take the trucks to other cities around the country.

As you can see from the video, people are upset that the Republicans in DC are ignoring Trump’s impeachable offenses and even obstructing investigation to shield their party leader from justice rather than protect our elections and our democracy from Russia. That same concern is what inspired me to take these trucks to DC. I hope to raise enough funds to take these trucks to swing states before the midterm elections.

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PBS Segment Hails Michael’s Art As Patriotic Dissent

PBS’s Articulate segment, “The Last Refuge”  hails the uncompromisingly dissenting art of Michael D’Antuono and that of two other artists as patriotic. The piece celebrates the importance of the artist’s role in sparking social justice.

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1 Painting Causes 4 Controversies


How much impact on can one piece of art have? Primarily through news clips, this video explores several controversies across the country in response to Michael D’Antuono’s provocative painting depicting the rampant racism that’s deeply embedded in our criminal justice system, “A Tale of Two Hoodies.” The video covers eBay’s banning of the piece when the artist attempted to auction it to benefit the Trayvon Martin Foundation in response to eBay allowing George Zimmerman’s to auction his painting for $100,000. The video also covers the firing of an Arizona high school social studies teacher over her including the piece in a final exam. Then the video takes us to Kentucky and Colorado where students were bullied to remove their homages to D’Antuono’s piece from public exhibition.

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Beacon Independent Film Festival

Beacon Independent Film Festival

I will be premiering my film, “BLACK INJUSTICE AMERICA” at the 5th Annual Beacon Independent Film Festival on September 17th in Beacon, NY. See the trailer here.

Starting on the 15th, they will screen features, shorts, documentaries and more. Panel discussions, food vendors, green space and activities for kids and adults will make it fun for the whole family. For more information visit http://beaconindiefilmfest.org/.

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