Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Politicon 2018

Michael D'Antuono at Politicon with Henry Winkler, Michael Avenatti and Joy ReidPoliticon 2018 was a blast. The weather in LA was perfect, I was invited to include my Save Democracy mobile billboards at the event, and I hung out with some very interesting people. In the greenroom, I got to meet Henry Winkler (who is still as cool as Fonzie) and his lovely wife to whom I will always be grateful for her support. Back at the hotel, I had a chance to meet Michael Avenatti, who is very much the fireball you would expect him to be. Later in the evening, I partied with Joy Reid, Michael Steele and of course my good friend Malcolm Nance, who’s interview by Henry was hands down the highlight of Politicon.

Politicon is the ComicCon of Politics. The movers and shakers of politics from all political bents gather there once a year to meet and debate the issues of our times. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of Politicon since it’s inception, either by exhibiting my art, speaking on a panel or as I did this year, exhibiting my billboard trucks. One of my trucks played my music video, House of a Treasonous Traitor.