Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Museum of Broken Windows

White father explaining Michael D'Antuono's painting, "The Talk" to his son at the Museum of Broken Windows.On Sept 21st, 2018 I attended the opening of The Museum of Broken Windows in NYC. I was proud to exhibit alongside Keith Haring and Dread Scott. Even more rewarding was the response to my painting,The Talk. Listening to a white father explain the talk black fathers must have with their sons reminded me of why I paint. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with the mothers of Eric Garner and Sean Bell at the event. Two very strong women whose stories must be heard.

The event was sponsored by the NYCLU as a pop-up experience in New York City, featuring the work of artists from around the country. The Museum, which ran from Sept. 22-30, showcased the ineffectiveness of broken windows policing, which criminalizes our most vulnerable communities. The strategy of broken windows policing is outdated and has never been proven to be effective at reducing crime. For decades, communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by broken windows policing.

The broken windows theory is an academic theory proposed by social scientists James Q. Wilson and George Kelling in 1982. The academic theory, which first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, states that signs of disorder in a neighborhood, like a broken window, encourages petty crimes and leads to more serious crimes. This postulation was adopted by the New York City Police Department and led to the criminalization of poverty and the over-policing of Black and Brown communities at disproportionate rates. The theory has never been proven to be effective at reducing crime.

It is time for a change. New Yorkers are coming together for important conversations on policing and what it means to feel and be safe. Using art and creativity, the Museum of Broken Windows provided a powerful and emotional experience that critically looks at the system of policing in New York. The Museum of Broken Windows is a project of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

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Country Before Party Campaign

One of Michael D'Antuono's Country First Trucks circling the Capitol BuildingFor one week in May, I had three mobile billboards circle the Capitol Building with my art and message to the GOP to put country before party. See the video here. The response was so positive I have created a GoFundMe campaign to take the trucks to other cities around the country.

As you can see from the video, people are upset that the Republicans in DC are ignoring Trump’s impeachable offenses and even obstructing investigation to shield their party leader from justice rather than protect our elections and our democracy from Russia. That same concern is what inspired me to take these trucks to DC. I hope to raise enough funds to take these trucks to swing states before the midterm elections.

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Real Time With Bill Maher After Party

Michael D'Antuono with Steve Schmidt and Charles Blow at Real Time After Party

Michael with Steve Schmidt and Charles Blow at Real Time after party

As the featured guest, my friend, Malcom Nance invited me to the August 3rd, 2018 taping of Real Time with Bill Maher. I hung out with Malcom and panelists, John McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt, New York Times columnist Charles Blow and professor/author Nancy MacLean. As you might expect, the conversation was wonderfully engaging, especially that with Nancy and Bill’s fascinating producer, Scott Carter.

Malcom very generously gave his valuable endorsement of my art and distributed new book to the other guests at the party who gladly accepted them. Unfortunately Bill was unable to make it to the party but Scott was kind enough to make sure he received a copy. The show itself was one of the better ones (which is a high bar) with Malcom setting the record straight concerning the danger of Trump and his allies’ attempts to shield our traitor-in-chief from justice and userp democracy. Steve and Charles gave offered their thoughts on the lack of integrity in the GOP. Nancy offered insights into the conservative movement to thwart the democratic system that have come before the Trump administration..

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PBS Segment Hails Michael’s Art As Patriotic Dissent

PBS’s Articulate segment, “The Last Refuge”  hails the uncompromisingly dissenting art of Michael D’Antuono and that of two other artists as patriotic. The piece celebrates the importance of the artist’s role in sparking social justice.

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1 Painting Causes 4 Controversies


How much impact on can one piece of art have? Primarily through news clips, this video explores several controversies across the country in response to Michael D’Antuono’s provocative painting depicting the rampant racism that’s deeply embedded in our criminal justice system, “A Tale of Two Hoodies.” The video covers eBay’s banning of the piece when the artist attempted to auction it to benefit the Trayvon Martin Foundation in response to eBay allowing George Zimmerman’s to auction his painting for $100,000. The video also covers the firing of an Arizona high school social studies teacher over her including the piece in a final exam. Then the video takes us to Kentucky and Colorado where students were bullied to remove their homages to D’Antuono’s piece from public exhibition.

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Beacon Independent Film Festival

Beacon Independent Film Festival

I will be premiering my film, “BLACK INJUSTICE AMERICA” at the 5th Annual Beacon Independent Film Festival on September 17th in Beacon, NY. See the trailer here.

Starting on the 15th, they will screen features, shorts, documentaries and more. Panel discussions, food vendors, green space and activities for kids and adults will make it fun for the whole family. For more information visit http://beaconindiefilmfest.org/.

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