Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

HUFFPOST – Painting Of Donald Trump Chilling With Other GOP Presidents Gets Scathing Reworking

Michael D’Antuono depicted Trump as a cards-cheat in his biting reimagining of Andy Thomas’ “The Republican Club.”

By Lee Moran  (Original Article)

Remember that painting of President Donald Trump that viewers spotted hanging in the White House during his bizarre “60 Minutes” interview in October? Artist Andy Thomas’ piece, titled “The Republican Club,” depicted Trump shooting the breeze with other GOP presidents. Here it is:

Well, New York artist Michael D’Antuono, 62, has reimagined the work in accordance with how he believes the scene would really play out. And he doesn’t believe Trump will be hanging his painting, titled “Party Pooper,” in the official residence anytime soon.

D’Antuono’s version shows Trump facing the wrath of the other presidents for cheating at cards. Protesters stand outside the window, and the Trump baby blimp also makes a subtle appearance. (more…)