Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

The Fight Against Corpocracy

With Corporate personhood, bailouts, tax breaks for the rich and entitlement cuts for the rest, one thing is clear, class warfare has been waged. The corporate elite have taken command of our government and turned our leaders. America is still the land of opportunity … for the very rich.

While we were sleeping, the rich and powerful have been manipulating the system to chip away at the working man by persuading our elected leaders to bust unions, change the tax code, loosen regulations and everything else that’s good for their bottom line. Corporations now have more rights than individuals. Even George Orwell wouldn’t have imagined it going this far. I don’t know about you, but all this makes me a little grumpy. So what can we do about it?

As it so happens, I’m an artist who adheres to this Picasso quote. “Art is not meant to decorate walls. It is an offensive weapon in the defense against the enemy.” So I’m fighting back with a video I posted on youtube called “The Art Of Corpocracy”¬†http://artandresponse.com/corpocracy¬†that utilizes my art to illuminate the government’s servitude to the corporate elite. I’m asking all like-minded citizens (anyone making under a million a year or just believes in playing fair) to post it on facebook page, email it to their friends. “Why should I bother?” you ask. I’ll tell you why.

The 1% spend their vast resources to promote their agenda and it’s worked pretty good so far. After all, they have get half the country to vote against their own best interests. Don’t think so? I’m sure you can find a redneck living in a trailer somewhere in Mississippi who voted for a Republican who supports a 15% capital gains tax and a reduction in Medicaid benefits. But Gomer figures the important thing is those homos won’t be able to marry. They manipulate minds with FOX, Rush and now with another artist’s video blaming President Obama for all the debt (over 3.5 million hits so far).

I’m fighting real hard here and can use a little back up. Help a brother in arms and maybe we can win a battle or two.

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