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The NRA: Putting Their Profits Ahead Of Your Children


The bottom line is that the NRA is in business to protect gun and ammo manufacturing profits, not your rights. They exist to block any and all laws that might decrease sales, no matter what the cost. Otherwise, they would support laws that keep our children safe without affecting the average gun owner, like background checks and banning assault weapons. As a matter of fact they successfully lobbied congress to let the ban on assault weapons expire, the very kind that were used in Newtown. They also lobbied congress to make sure that federal medical research agencies are forbidden by law to finance studies that aim to reduce the harm from guns and made sure that federal agencies are forbidden to fund studies about the relative dangers & advantages of gun ownership.

They are consistently trying to shift the blame and conversation. For example, their friends at iowntheworld.com defaced my painting “Brought To You By The NRA” in photoshop to include a dead fetus and changed the blocks to spell NRAL, the pro-choice organization. It was just another obviously desperate and despicable attempt to change the subject.

Last year Americans accounted for nearly 90% of children killed by guns among the wealthiest nations. But the gun and ammo industry had record-breaking profits and that’s what really matters to the NRA. The NRA has no interest in our children’s safety, but our government should. Congress should be protecting our children, not the gun lobby’s bottom line. Too many have already died.

Contact your representative and ask … How Many More?

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  1. locsphere says:

    The NRA is comprised of more law enforcement, military, and firefighters. Hunters are not their primary source of membership.

    When this whole debate started I went to the NRAs web page. No where do they advocate killing of innocent children. It’s sad that every time something happens “the progressives” will hide behind the bodies of the dead in order to push an agenda that has not ever made any country safer. You wanna talk about hype? You have no empirical support to back your fear mongering of firearms. It’s gotten annoying to the point I can’t see voting democrat again.

    Not one single nation that has banned guns has lowered its violence rates, murders rates, robbery. You name it and it did not go down. Suicide rates of Britain and Australia remained unchanged. There death by gun was the only number that was reduced while gun crime went up. If you pass a law and violence does not go down that means there is no correlation to guns and violence. END OF STORY. You are stereotyping and attacking lawful citizens on irrational fears and using the deaths and tragedies of others. It’s a dam disgrace!

    Your villinization of tools is misplaced and

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