Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

The Orange Clown & the Coronavirus Blame Game

Forget Pennywise, this timely animated music video depicts a clown much scarier and dangerous. It’s hardly a spoiler to tell you the Orange Clown also known as Don the Con, Traitor Trump and other well deserved monikers, is none other than our 45th president.

This video humorously illustrates danger he brings to his cultish minions who’s undeserved loyalty lead them to blindly follow him during his mishandling of the Coronavirus and just about about everything else he lays his little hands on. It’s sardonic humor to be sure considering the consequences and repercussions of having a retarded Tony Soprano sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. More that, it illustrates the danger his cultish minions blindly following his

I am primarily a painter, but considering my shows have been postponed until there is a cure for the coronavirus and/or Trump’s mental condition, I’ve created this music video. Enjoy and share the video with some of your favorite Trumpsters.

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