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The Wild Wild Wisconson Governer

18 Arrested in Wisconsin Assembly for Using Cameras; Guns Still Allowed

Eighteen people were arrested Tuesday for using cameras in the Wisconsin Assembly gallery. Concerned citizens had gone to the capitol to protest a series of arrests in recent weeks of individuals who carried signs or took photos or video in defiance of an Assembly ban. The event coincided with the implementation of Wisconsin’s new concealed carry law, which allows residents to carry a concealed firearm — including inside the Assembly gallery.

On the agenda in Tuesday’s session was a bill to institute the Castle Doctrine, a “shoot first, ask questions later” bill that gives a person immunity from civil and criminal liability if they shoot another in self defense in their home, work, or vehicle.


Ok, this one is so ridiculous, even Charlton Heston would have to think twice before defending it. You can shoot anyone in Wisconsin without consequence … just not with a camera. Texas move over, there’s a new kid in town taking over your title as the craziest frickin’ state in the nation. Why does Governor Walker think cameras are more dangerous than guns. Could it be because they can record what’s going on in the State Assembly? Which begs the question, ‘What’s going on in the State Assembly that’s more crazy than allowing people to kill each other?’

Maybe Governor Walker is just an old fashioned type of guy. He wants to return to simpler times. I thought Walker’s issuance of the union-busting law to strip state employees the right to collective bargaining was regressive. But now it’s the wild, wild west in Wisconsin. Which of course explains why there would be no cameras.

Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute there Gov. If there’s not anything in the constitution given’ folks the right to bear cameras, you can be darn tootin’ it’s only because there weren’t invented yet when they done wrote it.

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