Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

The Art Of Clean Energy

A few words about art and energy independence at the art exhibition “Petroleum Paradox.”

Transcript of the speech: I painted these paintings Dependence and Independence, to emphasize the contrast of our possible futures depending on which path decide to take concerning our energy needs.

We can continue down the path of using fossil fuels, and endure the consequences for as long as we can, or we can develop renewable clean energy technologies so we can stop destroying the very earth we depend upon for our survival. 

It seems like a very clear choice, but the oil and coal industries spend millions of dollars to muddy it up with misinformation campaigns. They even changed the name of global warming to the less threatening “climate change.”

They also spend millions of dollars on lobbing our elected leaders to appropriate funds and pass laws that benefit their industry at the cost of our very future on this planet. How many of you think the oil companies really need federal subsidies?

The scientific community, overwhelmingly agree that global warming is real, man made and advancing at a much faster rate that previously thought. Yet there are politicians and pundits who insist that global warming … no, make that “climate change” is just part of a natural cycle and anything those crazy tree huggers tell you is bullcrap … literally. The oil industry funded a study that actually claims the real cause of global warming is … cow farts

Who are you going to believe? Those working for or funded by the oil and gas industry, who stand to lose billions of dollars if we mess with the status quo, or the independent, devoted scientists who have basically nothing to gain but, oh, I don’t know … maybe saving the planet.

Rising temperatures, increasingly prevalent and severe droughts and hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina tell us that we have much at stake and little time to act. Both the ozone and ice caps are quickly disappearing, and so is our opportunity to be able to deal with it. We’ve got to let our elected leaders know which path we want them to take, and we have to let them know now. I’ve printed some postcards with my paintings representing the choices on the front and us telling them which one we want to take on the back. I’d like everybody to take at least two. One to send to your senator and one for your congressman. If you don’t know who your congressman is just go to house.gov and type in your zip code. It’s important you know who your congressman is, and even more important for them to know who you are.

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