Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response


48″ x 36″ | oil on canvas

In 19th Century America, there were roughly a million black people were denied their freedom and forced into slavery to bolster the profits of plantation owners and other predominantly rich southern white men. 200 years later, roughly a million black people are denied their freedom and put behind bars to bolster the profits of private corrections corporations. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Apparently, orange is the new black and prisons are the new plantations.

Selected Press: https://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-arts/Artist-displays-Black-Lives-Matter-paintings-during-the-DNC-.html

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  • CorpocracyBuster


    I. Shire Warren ‏
    It’s become our new form of slavery; bringing in a lot more money this time to the sale owners.

    Barbara Tavolacci:
    It’s systemic and evil…..time to dismantle it!

    Bill Haynes:
    HUGE difference in the two men. The first had no choice the reflection chooses to be a victim through perpetuating crimes.

    Corwyn Shaughnessy:
    I’m sure that it couldn’t be that the second is a victim of circumstance. I mean… how many projects have you lived in with a 51% chance that you couldn’t get a job?

    Well Armed Minorities:
    still putting out stuff that keeps you as my favorite artist. someday, if our government will stop destroying the poor and lower middle class, i will buy a print to hang on my wall. you are spectacular.

    One of the most profound pieces I have seen. Please read our latest blog post about the current state of imposed #segregation in AZ prisons. Thank you for sharing your visions.

    Too deep for words

    • WOOOWO

      When was this painting constructed?