Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Country Before Party Campaign

One of Michael D'Antuono's Country First Trucks circling the Capitol BuildingFor one week in May, I had three mobile billboards circle the Capitol Building with my art and message to the GOP to put country before party. See the video here. The response was so positive I have created a GoFundMe campaign to take the trucks to other cities around the country.

As you can see from the video, people are upset that the Republicans in DC are ignoring Trump’s impeachable offenses and even obstructing investigation to shield their party leader from justice rather than protect our elections and our democracy from Russia. That same concern is what inspired me to take these trucks to DC. I hope to raise enough funds to take these trucks to swing states before the midterm elections.

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Real Time With Bill Maher After Party

Michael D'Antuono with Steve Schmidt and Charles Blow at Real Time After Party

Michael with Steve Schmidt and Charles Blow at Real Time after party

As the featured guest, my friend, Malcom Nance invited me to the August 3rd taping of Real Time with Bill Maher. I hung out with Malcom and panelists, John McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt, New York Times columnist Charles Blow and professor/author Nancy MacLean. As you might expect, the conversation was wonderfully engaging, especially that with Nancy and Bill’s fascinating producer, Scott Carter.

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Beacon Independent Film Festival

Beacon Independent Film Festival

I will be premiering my film, “BLACK INJUSTICE AMERICA” at the 5th Annual Beacon Independent Film Festival on September 17th in Beacon, NY. See the trailer here.

Starting on the 15th, they will screen features, shorts, documentaries and more. Panel discussions, food vendors, green space and activities for kids and adults will make it fun for the whole family. For more information visit http://beaconindiefilmfest.org/.

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Politicon Panel: Art Effecting Change

Politicon panel Art Effecting Change

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at Politicon this year on a panel about the power of art to effect change. Everything was going fine until conservative artist, Sabo went on a racist diatribe cursing at the audience and walking off stage. While Politicon held panels boasting bigger names such as Jake Tapper, Joy Reid, Chelsea Chandler, Rob Reiner, Roger Stone, Ann Coulter and others, ours might have been one of the most exciting. You can see the blow up here.

I also tricked Trump’s partner in crime and political trickster, Roger Stone, into taking a picture with me with my “Impeach Trump” art on my bag after thoroughly checking to see if I were wearing it on my shirt.

Roger Stone and Michael D'Antuono

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Diversity Campaign

Taking It To The Streets: Promoting Diversity In NY, DC And Maryland
protesters holding Michael D'Antuono's Diversity posters.

We launched my “Diversity Makes America Great ” campaign featuring my painting, “What Makes America Great” painting on Presidents’ Day. I was in NY passing out a few hundred posters to protesters at the “Not My President Day” rally, while our 17 foot mobile billboard circled around the White house, Capitol Building, Trump International Hotel and other hot spots around DC.  Howard Dean and Michael D'Antuono holding the artists Diversity posterThe next day we traveled to our nation’s capitol with our banner to see our mobile billboard in action. I met with former Presidential candidate, Howard Dean (pictured above taking a selfie with me holding one of my posters). (more…)

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Envisioning Election & Politics In 2016

puffin-showI was happy to be asked by Andrew Lee to participate in the Puffin Foundation’s exhibition, “Envisioning Election & Politics In 2016.”  It is a wonderful organization that does great work informing the public about the important issues affecting their lives through creative projects.

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