Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response


A Tale Of Two Hoodies

30″ x 40″ | oil on canvas

This  painting, created during the Trayvon Martin case, symbolizes the travesty of racism in the criminal justice system. It has been the object of much controversy and censorship. In 2014, I was Incensed that George Zimmerman was trying to profit from his notoriety for killing an unarmed teenager by auctioning his painting on eBay. In response, I put this piece on eBay with half of the proceeds going to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. The very same day Zimmerman sold his painting for $100,000, and as soon as it became evident that my piece was on par to pass Zimmerman’s mark, eBay shut mine down for violating their strict policy of not selling anything on their site glorifying hate groups or showing anything symbolic of the Klu Klux Klan. The hypocrisy of eBay was that at the time they killed my auction, they were selling over 1500 other items related to the KKK. Misrepresenting it’s meaning, a hate group co-opted the piece in 2015, passing out flyers in Southfield, Michigan. In 2016, a high school teacher in Nevada, was suspended for using the painting to inspire critical thought.

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  • Chuck

    Stfu….its not the point…or maybe you are one who defends the wrong that happens in the world. Its just art to express a certain point.. Matter of fact did you get the point? You commenting without out looking at the big picture…. Look at the damn picture.

  • mrgunz

    After you witness all that happened.Then you put Zimmermans dick out your mouth.

  • mrgunz

    You tossin Zimmermans salad huh!

  • EuDouArte HipHop Art Culture

    you dumb . ” Inspired by . . . “

  • Gabriel Zimmerman

    We are talking about the racist artwork not the case. Yes he should be in jail I agree. But just because he was a different race doesn’t mean he is a racist

  • Bernard Rigaud

    Wow, it was disclosed by Police that Treyvon Martin was on his way home from the store, where is it faceless that Zimmerman was jumped? How would you be if you were being followed, minding your ownself to have someone wanting to be a Police Officer not in Uniform not minding his own business? You are just like the Police Officer throwing a teenage girl across the floor with desk swearing that you were doing a job. And you wonder why people are sick and tired of stupid replies in savagery

  • Mika

    Excuse me sir but how does being on one’s menstrual cycle have anything to do with stupidity? You call the people you attack “idiots” and “retards” yet you obviously seem to be talking about yourself since you clearly know nothing of how a woman’s body works. Men too have estrogen, and it doesn’t affect how one thinks.
    You also insinuate that the artist and his followers are discriminatory against others, yet how does discriminating women make you any different from those people?
    Instead of pointing fingers at others and calling people out on things that they may or may not have said, why not respond with love and facts?
    I am fully aware that you commented this two years ago, and I’m fairly certain you no longer care about this painting, but you must learn that men and women are equal and please do not discriminate.

  • porras24

    my teacher is probably getting fired for showing us this picture in class. our education system is great lol. let’s just keep ignoring racism and not educating our kids in the world around us.

    • Michael D’Antuono

      Please sent me your teacher’s contact info at Michael@ArtandResponse.com. I would like to support him for doing the right thing. He must be pretty good, you seem to have a much better understanding of what to be upset about.

  • Bradley Smith

    This “artwork” is designed to promote racism and is designed to recruit emotional people to become terrorists and kill police officers. D’antuono’s ideals are right on top of this page in his quote attributed to Picasso. Many officers who were not in any way racist are now dead due to the lies told in this piece. Thank you main-stream media.

  • Andrew Barbano

    The widely-circulated photo of a gang-tattooed, muscular and menacing black man making gang signs, purported to be Trayvon Martin, was actually a 30-something rapper. Research before you write, fellow white person. Andrew Barbano / Barbwire.TV

  • mrschili

    I’m an English and Humanities teacher in a high school, and I’m frustrated and angered and almost ready to give up specifically because I am so limited in the kind of work I can do with my students. We SAY we want kids to be critical thinkers, but then there’s a collective freak-out when we give them meaningful things to think critically about. I just can’t anymore.

  • Frank_in_Spokane

    “No, Marissa Alexander’s Conviction Was Not a “Reverse Trayvon Martin” Case in Florida,” by: Sean Davis, July 16, 2013

  • dick green

    You are a big fat cry baby and it looks like that kid your holding is retarded.

  • dick green

    I’m sure you would rather it happened like that but Trayvon, a member of the rape happiest murdering thieving race ever broke the law and Zimmerman ,well within his legal rights put one in his bitch ass. HA HA! Whites win, knee grows lose. YAAAAY!

  • dick green

    Fact niggers are low IQ violent no impulse control having monkeys.

  • jenifer hernandez osorio

    This is someones child and although he wasn’t a little kid, he was the child of a mother who has received no justice for her son. She doesn’t have her son anymore because the officer couldn’t listen to dispatch. If it was a white child the officer would be arrested and probably never seen on public streets again. If it was Zimmerman’s hispanic child, and if he wasn’t an officer, then his family would get no justice just as the Martin’s aren’t. so, shut the fuck up with your idiotic bullshit, you have no right to call african american monkeys, just as we have no right to to call all of white people members of the kkk. How about you shut the fuck up and put yourself in the position of a black man black women, in the shoes of a latina living in america with citizenship and still called a border jumper a dog? In Virginia there was an african american 17 year old did everything right in life was going to go to harvard university, and was beaten by police officers,and they got a paid leave. SO, put yourself and their shoes, and dont you dare say it has nothing to do with color, it has everything to do with color and power.

  • Headhunter

    BS people like are the problem in this racist country.

  • Listen

    I just wanted to briefly comment although this maybe a little late. You need to first understand the connotation of the diction that you just used. “Looking very aggressive.” That sounds like a perception thing, it it quite evident that you lack culture and having seen diversity. You must be some fat old white racist redneck sitting on your couch in your front lawn chewing tobacco. Disgusting. Zimmerman was instructed by police to STOP FOLLOWING Martin, which you failed to include. He was “jumped” because that’s every persons natural response to being attacked by a strange individual