Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve-olution

(Creationism versus Evolution)
38″ x 28″ | oil on canvas

Evolution or creationism? Has scientific research disproven religious beliefs? Does religion stifle scientific progress?  More and more children are being taught creationism in school, either along side of or replacing evolution. It’s been said that teaching creationism in public schools is religious discrimination, constitutionally illegal and worst of all bad science.

The scientific community feels there is a false equivalency being set up by calling both creationism and evolution “schools of thought.” They assert evolution is based in proven scientific fact, whereas creationism is based on a book written at a time when conventional wisdom believed the earth to be flat. They fear denying children of the process and validity of scientific research will impede future scientific advances. The religious community fear science’s ability to disprove certain biblical explanations with empirical research challenges their belief system.

While there is really no denying that evolution is a proven fact, creationists can at least take comfort that there exist’s no evidence that evolution wasn’t God’s plan. We’d like to know your thoughts. (view detail)

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  • Walt Landers

    Unless you are a child killing disloyal liar and thief, your soul is safe for the afterlife. That is a mere suggestion. The human brain responds to suggestion. Whether under hypnosis or daily life, suggestions have a demanding quality. If a movie or book is a best seller, you feel positive about exposing yourself to it…and spending money for it. Advertisements on TV and the internet are suggestions to you.
    One of the strangest suggestions is religion. Religious concepts of thousands of years ago, when knowledge was exceptionally limited, proof of conclusions was not pursued, and people seemed to have little respect for their own awarenesses, rituals and God concepts from that historical era still have influence. The suggested phrase is that the bible IS the word of God. Some religions honor every phrase, as though it was written with a golden quill by the Good Guy himself. Even those bible backers that have decided that although it was NOT hand written by God, as he may not have good caligraphy, he persuaded loyal humans to do his secretary work. To conclude that God could not write his own stuff is kind of a sacrilegious thought. Have you seen some of his sunsets?
    Oh, there’s that word. Sacrilege. The bible likes to use that word like a whip to keep the congregation in line. Do not question the word of God, as any analysis of HIS WORD that makes you sounds suspicious is .. That word…sacrilege. There is also BLASPHEMY. Snap! Snap! You can be the kindest, most generous person in the world, but, according to biblical philosophy, any utterance that could be blasphemous makes you a doomed person. To avoid the taint of a blasphemous person, one must shun them at all costs. God wants this, they say.
    To all the people who worship the bible with a certainty that this is honoring the Author, I offer my condolences for the tragic loss of God’s greatest gift, your ability to think.

    • greenbush

      Very well put. Thanks for sharing.

  • Greg Wilson

    Materialism is not something to be bargained.

  • Roberta Shoemaker-Beal

    Seems to me that the biblical story was created so that the tribal people, of the Hebrew tribes, could have a useful and orderly creation story, day by day, along a weekly progression, with a sabbath, for a day of rest, reflection and spirutal growth……. If that is so, then spirtual growth has happened, as was some part of a Divine Design! And, we have evolved to a stage of spritual growth where/when we now can grow into an understanding that our ancestors had an early form of a creation story and now we are ready for the BIG BANG creation story. Since we have collected fossils across time and can now technologically carbon date thoe relics of an ancient past, we can learn we evovled, as a form of Divine Design, we have yet to fathom or even envision………. …. Thanks God, for Evolution.. said Micheal Dowd.

  • Byron C Mayes

    What about the creation stories of other religions? Shouldn’t they get equal time too?

  • Mom

    Why is there no discourse on Intelligent design, a prime creator? Is there really only two choices?? Is this sight more propagamda..pushing only 2 views of very meaningful issues..

    • Because so-called “intelligent design” is not a science. What you call “propaganda” is science. Intelligent design is religion and a philosophy disguised as a science. It can never be tested. Ever. So it is not exclusion to categorize it as such. Does it deserve “equal time” as some people contend? Well, there’s no real premise to it other than demanding that complexity must have a source. But evolution explains and can demonstrate complexity quite fine. As a birder I see evidence of evolution in action every day. But there is no evidence of intelligent design unless I impose it on the processes that occur. These include basic, simple things like coloration in birds, and redirected aggression, patterns and behaviors that have demonstrable purpose. Versus diminishing the purpose by saying “Well the designer invented it that way.” Do you see the difference?

  • K. Kreger

    I don’t understand why people have to be so opposed to one side or the other. I always thought evolution was a theory. A theory that looks fairly scientific as to how creation is unfolding. Still a theory and with ever so often new evidence, questions and views appearing. Every old religion, old meaning preceding the last 1000 years, has a creation story and many parts of these diverse stories overlap with common events. Christianity is not the only religion that views creation from a non evolutionary view point. There are many commonalities in creation stories from different ancient cultures like African, Mayan, Native American, Chinese, Hindu, Buddhism, and so forth. It takes a tremendous amount of reading and openness to see a greater vision described by such peoples from their point in history. How can any of us know for sure the complexities of creation? How can science be the only translation? Science is always lacking the future understanding of information yet determined. We can say Evolution based on what we know today looks like such & such. Yet in 10, 50, 200 years we will discover more insights at the quantum level or who knows what it will be called by then, that will influence our perception of creation that seems so certain now. Creation is whatever it is and will continue to be itself. Humans are the only ones determining a standard with which to measure and define it. We are limited in our capacity to comprehend such a great phenomenon as creation. Why not be more open? That’s all I’m saying.

    • Rentboy

      Gravity is also a theory. Try jumping off a building and see how that theory holds up.