Michael D'Antuono's Art And Response

RYAN(doesn’t)CARE -healthcare

Michael D'Antuono's art on AHCA depictng Paul Ryan as the Grim Reaper Paul Ryan allowing states to opt-out of pre-existing conditions may satisfy the GOP’s Freedom Caucus enough to save his bill…but not lives.

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Teflon Don

Michael D'Antuono's Wanted Poster of Donald TrumpApril 1, 2017 – Donald Trump, our Criminal-In-Chief, has probably broken more laws than you, I and our families combined. Trump is truly the “Teflon Don.” Fortunately for him, he had the money to settle his fraud case involving Donald Trump University. Our self-proclaimed pussy-grabbing president has been accused of numerous cases of sexual assault, yet he occupies the oval office. While president, He has most probably colluded with a foreign adversary to get elected and already violated the emoluments during his term. While he remains the most unpopular president of our time, too many of the American people and all of the Republicans seem to overlook Trump’s apparent crimes and felonies. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

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Wonder Why Republicans Are Rushing To Confirm Gorsuch Before Resolving Russiagate?

Picture of Republicans road to ScotusAfter refusing to even consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for over a year and vowing to deny Hillary’s nominations had she been elected, now Republicans are rushing to confirm President Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch. So anxious to achieve it, they are even threatening to use the nuclear option, better known as doing away with the filibuster. (more…)

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GOP Investigating Trump Is Like Fredo Investigating The Godfather

GOP hesitant to investigate Trump/Putin ties

The Only Credible Investigation Is One With An Independent Prosecutor

If you didn’t think so before, you must be at least leaning that way after House Intelligence Chairman and Trump surrogate, Devin Nunes’ clandestine visit to the White House concerning documents he hadn’t shared with the rest of the investigating committee. See, an independent prosecutor, most probably would have  shared the information with the investigating committee, not the party he’s investigating. The key word in that sentence was party. Nunes, like Chaffetz and most of the Republicans are sadly putting party (or at least their own careers) before country by looking the other way when it comes to Trumps’ possible crimes and felonies. These are the same “Lock her up” chanting hypocrites who threatened to start impeachment proceedings on day one if Hillary were elected. (more…)

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Spend My Taxes On Meds Not Bullets

Our Taxes should go to Meds, not BulletsMarch 4, 2017 The Republican budget increases military spending while reducing healthcare. We already have more than twice the defense budget of Russia & China combined yet we remain the only industrialized country that doesn’t provide it’s citizens with universal healthcare. President Trump says he wants to keep us safe. He doesn’t have to do much research to know that Americans are much more likely to die from a lack of medical coverage than a military attack. What’s being protected aren’t American lives, it’s the profits of the military industrial, insurance and pharmaceutical complexes.

Call your representative and tell them you want meds, not bullets. #MedsNotBullets

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Trump’s House Of Lies

Trump Administration LiesFeb 17, 2017  Be it Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts, Sean Spencer’s impression of Melissa McCarthy, Michael Flynn’s faulty memory or The Donald’s self-aggrandizing denial of reality, the truth is all too often ignored, covered up, or denied. Crowd size, release of income tax returns, muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 911, birther information, draining the swamp, electoral victory margin, knowing more than the generals, and unemployment statistics are just a small sampling of some areas where our “Liar In Chief” has set the truth meter to new lows.

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